What We Do

We build and remodel custom residential homes. Our top priority is to provide unmatched customer service and quality to our clients. The Company is organized into five divisions: a Build division, a Remodel division, an Addition and Design division, an Insurance repair and consulting division, and a Finish Carpentry and fine craftsman division.

Roofing Division

Often, the most difficult part of examining roof renovations is determining whether the roof needs repairs, or if it needs to be entirely replaced. While weather-related damage poses the most impacting threat of damage to roofs, other factors, over time, will cause the roof to naturally wear. Whatever the case, roofing is grueling work. Our roofing division can provide professional expertise by inspecting and appraising roof damage, selecting appropriate materials and supplies, and performing the exacting work

Allen's Exteriors Roofing company has expertise and experience in:
Composite shingle roofing
Metal roofing- corrugated and stand and seam
Slate roofing
Cedar Shakes
Flat roofs- TPO, PVC, Duro-last

Insurance Division

Allen's Exteriors roofing division works hand in hand with the insurance division. In fact it was through their reputation in the roofing industry that Allen's Exteriors was chosen to be a preferred contractor by over 12 major insurance companies. As a preferred Contractor, Allen's Exteriors is assigned by the insurance company to help their customer complete their repairs in a timely manner. The insurance company will assign Allen's Exteriors because they know that their most valuable asset- their customer will be taken care of if they are taken care of by Allen's Exteriors.

Build Division

Although the custom home division of Allen’s Exteriors is done strictly on a referral basis, Allen’s Exteriors has become one of the leaders in new construction in Cookeville, TN.  Allen’s Exteriors typically will build 1-3 new homes a year.  They are known for their quality of workmanship and design in the homes they build. 

Remodeling and addition division

Allen’s Exteriors does not typically seek remodels and additions; however, our reputation for quality will lead to customers choosing Allen’s Exteriors as their number one choice for their remodel.  Allen’s Exteriors has completed projects of all sizes but is know for their “five-side” remodeling.  “Five- Side” remodeling is done by taking a small home and building new rooms, walls, and changing the roof lines on the existing home.  These unique remodels lead to a unique home that the customer loves that is on a lot that they just cannot part from.

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